Sikeston proud: DPS shined in recent fire

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The recent Santie Oil fire actually attracted national attention with its bellowing flames and massive plumes of thick black smoke.

But for residents of Sikeston, the fire served as an excellent illustration of the professionalism and skills of our Public Safety fire division.

The spectacular blaze -- accordingly to all involved - could have been much worse but for the quick response and training of those brave men and women who are called to action during such episodes.

And it goes without saying that the Red Cross and surrounding fire departments joined hands in assuring the safety of the firefighters and the community. Their dedication was in full view and, for that, we remain grateful.

Years of training kick in during these times and the fire was brought under control with minimal damage to surrounding facilities and no substantial injuries to those who put their service to the task.

The fire was a firsthand illustration of why major firefighting equipment is needed and why training is an ongoing process.

As is the nature of things, there may be days or weeks go by without the fire division getting a call to service.

But when that call arrives, we as a community depend on these law enforcement officers to protect our property and lives.

Everyone knows this fire could have been much worse. And without adequate training and equipment, we can only speculate on what the eventual outcome may have been.

But the lesson we learned is worth noting.

Sikeston is blessed with the absolute best Public Safety personnel and leadership in this region and perhaps the state.

To continue to have the best and brightest, our community must continue to support our Public Safety personnel with adequate training, equipment and salaries that will attract the best possible candidates.

The true blessing of this community is that when -- God forbid -- we need these professionals, they are available to tackle the job and assure the community's safety.

Safety is the foundation of any community. But it doesn't happen by accident.

The confidence in our Public Safety personnel was rewarded with their service during this fire.

Good for them and good for us.

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