Trump playing vital role in the campaign

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Even though the Presidential election is some 16 months away, the campaign is obviously in full swing.

But beware - as history proves time and time again - the campaign landscape we see today may change drastically between now and next November.

Six months ago, by way of example, Donald Trump was not on anyone's radar screen. Six months ago the polls had Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker - with a side of Ted Cruz - as the recipe for Republican victory.

And rest assured, six months from now there will be yet another scenario that will surely change from today's snapshot.

But back to The Donald.

I strongly suspect Trump has little or no chance of receiving the GOP nomination. He'll spend some of his fortune, that's for sure.

Trump is today's oddity and the lightening rod on the campaign trail.

But the Trump momentum is easy to understand.

Trump consistently says what many Americans feel and he says it bluntly - which is refreshing in the world of politics.

Trump says illegal immigration will unravel the fabric of our society. He's right.

Trump says America has become the weakling on the international stage. He's right.

Trump says the economy needs less government and more private initiative. He's right.

There is nothing politically correct about Donald Trump.

And right now, I honestly think the American public is sick and tired of political correctness.

What's really fascinating about the Trump candidacy is that despite massive and unprecedented efforts by the liberal national media to paint him as a clown, Trump keeps rolling on and making an impressive showing in virtually all polls.

That must surely have the liberals scratching their heads for an answer.

As I said, I think Trump is somewhat a flash in the pan; a popular guy in our reality television world.

But there is one major benefit to the Trump campaign.

Because of his success thus far, he is forcing the other GOP candidates to talk about the important issues and perhaps slant their opinions in a different direction.

If Trump can move the major candidates to the right, he will be the ultimate hero of this election cycle.

And here is my ultimate dream.

I would love to see Trump and Hillary on the stage debating one day. He would eat her alive and throw the bones to the dogs.

I can think of no better end to her dismal political life.

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