Charleston voters to decide on diesel tax at the pumps

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CHARLESTON -- A proposed sales tax on diesel, if approved by voters, will bring money for streets and public safety with almost no effect on local farms, businesses or residents, according to Charleston City Manager Richard Goode.

"On Aug. 4, there is a special election asking voters to approve a diesel fuel tax of 2 cents per gallon for all at-the-pump diesel sales within city limits," Goode said. "If you pull up to a convenience store and buy diesel fuel at the pump, the tax applies. However if you are a business or a farm operation that has diesel fuel delivered in bulk to the site, the diesel tax does not apply to that sale. And if you don't drive a diesel car or diesel truck, you are never going to pay it. It is important to note that the tax does not apply to unleaded gasoline at all."

The sales tax is expected bring in approximately $350,000 year if approved, he said.

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