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Friday, August 7, 2015

Humming on Pharris Ridge

To the person that was asking about hummingbirds, we have plenty of them out here at Pharris Ridge, just about 3 miles west of Sikeston.

We know when to honor

I think it's a crying shame that some of our military were killed and it took almost a week for the President to lower the flags and people had to start calling towns to get them to lower their flags. There's a lot of small towns that had our flags lowered on Thursday, and the rest on Friday morning. We don't need a congressional order or a president's order or a governor's order to honor our servicemen, who were servicemen on duty in the United States that were killed in the line of duty. They say 'Oh, that's not flag etiquette.' Well read it. It says servicemen killed in the line of duty. They are in the service, they were on duty. The flags should have been lowered, at the latest, Friday morning. I am thankful to be part of a small community, and have seen other small communities in the area, who lowered their flags on Thursday and Friday and they are gonna stay down. It's disrespectful that you have to call around. It should be an automatic thing. The smaller towns did.

Freedom for all

This is in response to "Didn't fight for all," in the July 22 SpeakOut. You are saying that rights are only for Christians, that no one has any rights except the Christian person. This country was not founded on Christianity, whatsoever. And people like you are the reason as to why there is a separation of religion and government. That is for this reason. There have been many times and still are countries that have Christian government systems and it doesn't work out because they are sitting there killing every person that they don't find follows the Bible. This country was founded on freedom. And we are getting it taken away by our government and police systems. And for once, they finally did something right by allowing the LGB community to marry. Lesbians and gays have the right to marry just like any man or woman does, and that Bible needs to stay away from our government. I also have a complaint about SpeakOut and whoever writes it. I called once last week and spoke out and it was not put in the paper at all. You are posting Christian nonsense, calling out gay people, saying they want gay people on an island to themselves, yet you can't allow a gay person to comment peacefully in your paper. That is extremely discriminatory and you should be ashamed of yourselves. This country was founded on freedom for all, not just one community of Christians. The veterans who have died for this country, the soldiers who died for this country, died for everyone to have their freedom, not just Christians.

Kenya dig it?

I just saw on the news where we taxpayers are gonna pay for our fabulous President to go to Kenya to visit his relatives. Maybe he will find someone over there that he really likes and he'll stay over there. He shouldn't be President anyway and we shouldn't have to pay for him to visit his relatives. Nobody pays for us to visit our relatives.