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Friday, August 14, 2015

Right-on Mr. Sullivan

I just read the July 27 letter to the editor from Mr. J.B. Sullivan, about the decaying Veterans Administration. He was right on. I wanted to pass my compliments on to Mr. J.B. Sullivan. Sir, your letter was right on. The VA is a decaying government agency which will never be fixed.

The name game

This is to the Mississippi County Commission. I read that you were following in the same manner as the former Commission's ways. I will give you that you don't know any better. The roads and streets that you are paving are not county roads. They are roads in the county. You can be sued and be removed from county office for misappropriating funds. You cannot pave roads or streets to get votes, even though most votes come from populated areas. Again, county roads have numbers, not names. Check the state statutes. If you don't change your ways, I will call the attorney general and state auditors. It's time to get it right. I will not go away. I don't live in Mississippi County, but I still pay taxes there.

A wheelie good thing

I receive Meals on Wheels, and I am so proud to get them. I donate to them good. I know there's not a person that receives Meals on Wheels that could not give at least $2 or $3 a week. They are so glad to get this food, but it's gonna run short because they are not receiving enough to help. Please, please, donate at least $3 a week if that's all you have. I know a lot of you can afford it. Do without a soda a day, maybe a pack of cigarettes a day. I challenge you. You've got to help and if you need the help, you have to donate. I do and I'm proud of myself for doing it.

We've got the power

I just want to say how thankful I am for being on SEMO Electric out here in New Madrid County. They have done a heckuva job with the power staying on all year long. One power company in northern Scott County, every time it thunders their power goes off. Thank you SEMO Electric.

Good Samaritan

I want to thank the sweet, honest person who turned in my purse at Walmart. Isn't it wonderful that there are caring and honest people that are always helping other people. Thank you so much.

Let's hear it for the library

The Sikeston Public Library Summer Reading Program has been a real credit to our community. Thank you to all those who worked to bring this program about.