Suspect attempts to swallow meth, gets tasered at Butler County Jail

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Joshua Holderfield

POPLAR BLUFF (SMNS) -- Deputies tasered a suspect at the Butler County jail on Monday after he pulled a bag of suspected methamphetamine from his rectum, attempted to swallow it and then assaulted deputies trying to save him from an overdose.

In addition to the possession of a controlled substance charge that originally landed him in jail, Joshua L. Holderfield, 29, of Bloomfield, now faces charges of third-degree assault on law enforcement following the incident.

According to reports, Holderfield was being held following the discovery of drugs during a traffic stop early Monday at Business 60 near Sportsman Park. Poplar Bluff Police found marijuana in the vehicle and pills and a syringe in his possession during the ensuing search.

Holderfield was then arrested, placed in custody and taken to the jail for booking.

Upon arrival at the jail, corrections officers escorted Holderfield to the shower/rest room area for a strip search. Minutes later, deputies heard the corrections officer (CO) cry out for help and they ran to the area.

Deputies responding to the shower saw the CO attempting to restrain Holderfield. The CO then told deputies that Holderfield "had put a bag of meth in his mouth that he had taken out of his butt," according to reports.

Knowing the suspect's life could be in danger if he swallowed the drugs, officers attempted to keep him from doing so. As they attempted to restrain the suspect, he continued to resist, at one point pushing an officer in the chest.

Deputies then delivered a stun to the suspect's shoulder. Following the shock of the taser, the suspect spit the suspected meth out an complied with instructions. The bag was then placed into evidence.

The Butler County Sheriff's department is expected to turn the case over to the prosecuting attorney today. Court and bond information were not available at press time.

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