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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Everybody's talking

Is there a book on etiquette for cell phone usage in public? If not, we need one. I went to a restaurant this afternoon, a young woman maybe 25 years old, she sat next to me. She ordered a drink and her food. She hemmed and hawed and talked for 45 minutes. Didn't eat her food, but drank her beverage. The server asked me how I was doing. I told her I was about to cut my throat listening to this secondhand talk. The woman must've heard me. She said her food was cold, told them to put it in a box and she left the building. Someone needs to school people when to be on the phone and to eat your food and go outside to talk on the phone. I know one restaurant that limits cellphone usage to 2 minutes. Maybe we should have talking areas like smoking areas. Maybe if they are put in a confined areas with other talkers they will quit. This is sad. I wrote this, but many people will not read it because they are on the phone. Thanks Mike, for your ear. I read everything you write. Some times I agree with you, but some times I don't. The older I get, your point is on more, more and more. That scares an old Democrat guy. Keep trying to teach people so they can make an educated decision on so many subjects. You are a good guy. When you write it gives us time to sit back and digest your thoughts, whether we agree or not. Thanks again, Mike.

Ain't too proud to beg

I was headed for Walmart this morning and I cannot believe there was a woman out there with a sign begging for money with a big ol' long cigarette hanging out of her mouth and puffing on it. She told somebody she drew Social Security. If you are able to stand out there and beg for money, you are able to work.