Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thinking of Hillary, more or less

I think it is so stupid that they keep having the meetings with Hillary. It has to do with her running for president. They don't want her to be president. They are so scared. She is so smarter than any of the Republicans. Their mouths at the meeting were so terrible. They are so stupid. Seven million dollars to question her over and over again? That's a lot of money. They are wasting taxpayers' money for stupid crap like that. The United States is low on money and they are having meetings like that? That is ignorant. I'm sick of hearing Benghazi and her emails. Why don't they shut up and get on with business? They've got other things to do. Just a bunch of ignorant Republicans is what they are. They want to ruin her reputation. They think everybody will less of her, but I think more of her and will vote for her before I would any of them. And I'm a Republican. I was listening to Donald Trump and he is right about Jeb Bush's brother, George W. Nine-11 was never investigated like it was with Hillary. Why wasn't his butt put through the ringer like it was with Hillary? I think it should have been. When he got the telephone call about 9-11, Bush didn't act surprised. He acted so calm. I think he knew about it. I don't trust the Bush's. Look what happened with Jeb Bush and Gore down in Florida a few years ago. That was something. I sure hope there's not another Bush to run for office. I don't think they will ever be elected again. Paul Ryan looks like a werewolf to me. His hair goes out in a point. He's always saying that if he gets it, it's gonna be on his terms. What is his terms? I've never heard of anybody doing that before.

If you honestly think President Bush knew about 9-11, then you have a serious problem!

March in Morehouse

Morehouse has some children that attend Sikeston School, and I'm sure that some are in the band. When Morehouse has their Fall Festival Parade, how come the Sikeston Band does not participate in that? We would like to see our own children participate in their hometown. I wish they would speak to the Morehouse personnel and maybe set this up for next year.