Friday, November 13, 2015

Doesn't deserve mercy

As the comedian, Larry the Cable Guy, says, get 'er done. I just read in today's paper, Thursday, Nov. 5, where the execution was cancelled for Ernest Lee Johnson, who has a brain tumor. They were afraid the execution drugs would cause painful seizures. Well, wait until you hear how merciful he was to his victims. He was convicted of beating to death three workers in a Casey's General Store in Columbia Feb. 12, 1994, during a robbery. His weapon was a claw hammer. He also stabbed one lady, Mary Bratch, 46 years old, 10 times with a screwdriver. Fred Jones, 58, was also shot in the face. The other victim was 57-year-old Mable Scruggs. Do you think any of these people might have felt tremendous pain or not? The taxpayers have been feeding this scumbag, convicted of first degree murder, for 21 years. Why not just give him what he really deserves? He sure had no mercy.