Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Living in the past

Those were the days. I can remember when we got home from school, we had peanut butter jelly sandwiches, we sat in front of the black and white TV and watched Leave it to Beaver and all the other good programs that were on. No wonder there is terrorism in the world today. They have nothing to watch. You turn the TV on an there's all these crime shows with killing and murder. If kids would watch programs like Leave it to Beaver instead of all these crime shows, we wouldn't have all this terrorism that's going on in this world today. CBS, wake up and smell the roses. Get some good after school programs on.

A helping hand

To the person looking for a home for self and daughter. Contact the elder abuse hotline, 1-800-392-0280. They can send someone out to start a case report, give you information on available housing and help for your situation. Contact Sikeston Housing Authority to make application for housing. If you feel your situation is a danger at anytime, call 911. Sorry for you problem, hope this helps.