Monday, December 21, 2015

Gas price check

Mike and Don, I hope you put this in the paper. The oil prices have dropped another $3.21 and that has been two weeks ago. And I am wondering why the gas prices have only dropped a penny. I mean, you know, I love that you put $10 of gas in your car and you have got five gallons but still we are getting ripped off. Oil has dropped over $3 dollars but gasoline hasn't dropped none. You have reporters that report the news and reporters that report the sports and I think you need to report that the American people are getting screwed. Oil has dropped by more than $3 in two weeks ago and the gas prices haven't come down none.

Keeping track

I'm the person who called in about the United States Post Office's tracking number. Just be aware that you will get a tracking number but this number will not work after it leaves the Sikeston Post Office. So good luck keeping up with your packages if you mail with the U.S. Postal Service.

Good sports

Hey there, Saturday, Dec. 12, Just wanted to take a minute to congratulate your sports people for the full page write up about this year's college football bowl games. That was really, really appreciated and congratulations to your sports department on a good job.

Dog gone

Some how my Yorkie with a pink and black plaid collar got out of my fence and got lost. It is in the vicinity of Scott and New Madrid streets. If anyone has found her please call 573-380-4470. I would appreciate having her back.