Saturday, January 2, 2016

What's up with that?

I would like to comment on TV where Steve Harvey messed up on telling who won the Miss Universe contest. The media is all over that brother. We've had a brother in the White House that's messed up for seven years and the media still loves him. What's up with that?

Proud of Claire

Our Republican controlled Congress has shown its true colors in the past few weeks. They passed a $305 billion transportation bill filled with pork projects for all. Of course, it's unpaid for. Then last week they passed a fund- ing bill with billions of dollars in additional spending, cuts in taxes and lots more pork for all the big guys. I was never so proud of a true representative of the people as I was of Senator Claire McCaskill, one of only 33 senators who voted against this farce. Her exact statement was, "The bulk of this package is just a series of huge expen- sive tax giveaways to the wealthy and special interests. It is not paid for. This will add significantly to our national debt and hamper our ability to achieve any goals of a sim- pler and fair tax code."

Hillary just like Obama

I think we should all vote for Hillary Clinton. She will do just like Obama did. She will bring ISIS over here, put them on Welfare and food stamps and free housing just like Obama did for his people.