Friday, January 8, 2016

I've got news for you

I am calling about NBC and CBS News. I believe they are ultimate Democrats. Every time I watch them, they always speak against Trump and always for Clinton. I am so sick and tired of it. Trump only speaks the truth, just like Fox News talks about. He only tells the truth. Nobody likes it. He will rise, just like he keeps doing, in the polls. The other thing is I have not watched KFVS News from Cape for almost 5 years because they always talk about Kentucky and Illinois more than they do Missouri. They are dull, but more than anything, I have watched WPSD because they talk more about Missouri and they give our forecast more than KFVS ever did. I just want to say I pray for the peace of our nation in 2016. Everyone needs to be praying for peace and I hope we see less violence in our nation. Everybody should be on their knees praying. And we need to get Obama out quickly, and I pray that will happen soon. And get Trump in the office as our president.

Take a closer look

For about the third time I have received my paper on a holiday time, the 3-day TV Guide was not there. This has happened three or four times. As a person who pays for the paper, it's a sorry mistake that should never happen. For those of us who do pay for our paper. Don't be so careless and leave out the TV Guide again. I am so disappointed in all of these commercials that come on TV. Some of them are so vulgar and nasty. I would hate for children to see them. They should never be seen by any child, even a preteen. When I was growing up, you never had to worry about commercials like these.

I checked all the back issues of the paper and the TV Guide was printed. Maybe you overlooked that on some of those days, the grid covers two days instead of one. But they were printed for all of the days. Also, we have a free TV Guide available at the front desk for subscribers that shows programming for a week at a time.