Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sentimental feelings

The Lady Bulldogs Senior Night on Monday against Festus, Coach Schonhoff, I was disappointed that you didn't let two of your senior girls play until the last 2 minutes. Sikeston has a 30-point lead. Their parents were there to watch them play, also. Maybe they're not as good as the other girls, but it was Senior Night, a night for them to play maybe their last game or just have memories they could look back on. I could see if the game was close. Reverse it and see how you would feel.

Don's a moron

I just thought, if there were only two morons in the world, Donald Trump would be both of them. Reading SpeakOut, I found out there is another moron, the person that thinks Donald Trump is a fine person. Donald Trump couldn't run a Girl Scout camp good. The only way he ever made any money is he took bankruptcy three times and hid under Chapter 11. That way he didn't have to pay people. He's a thief, and a moron and he should be banned from the United States of America. People like me, who went out and fought for this country, are protecting idiots like him.

Trash talk

Would someone explain to me why the westside of Sikeston is so trashy and unkept? I don't believe that being poor is a reason for being dirty. Maybe it's just laziness.