CatSpot: Local company introduces eco-friendly kitty litter that eliminates cat box smell

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Vince Schrum, director of sales for Midwest Organics, holds a box of CatSpot cat litter that is a new organic kitty litter that eliminates the litter box odor while being environmentally friendly. (David Jenkins/Standard Democrat)

SIKESTON -- For the better part of the last century, clay cat litter has been the standard for people with indoor cats. However, a local company is giving people a different, more environmentally-friendly option.

Midwest Organics of Sikeston has a new product called CatSpot Litter that they hope changes the way people think of cat litter. The litter eliminates the odor from the litter box while at the same time helping the environment.

"What we have done is designed a proprietary process that we are taking a bi-product of coconut," said Jeff Limbaugh, president of Midwest Organics. "We are running it through our process and it makes a wonderful kitty litter that actually absorbs the cat urine and keeps your litter box from stinking.

"This a brand new, all-organic, sustainable, biodegradable product. It is chemical-free, dust-free. It has all the advantages," he said.

With clay kitty litter, many take the used litter and put it in a trash can which is then eventually taken to a landfill. Limbaugh said there are over 8 billion pounds of used cat litter taken to landfills every year.

"(CatSpot) is all-natural, all-organic," Limbaugh said. "After your cats get done using it, you can take it out and put it in your back yard, you can use it in your garden or flower bed as a soil amendment."

Limbaugh said they have been working with local humane societies in Sikeston and Cape Girardeau and the reviews have been great.

"We went from using 300 pounds of clay litter a day to 12 pounds of CatSpot Litter a week," said Ashley Boyd, assistant director of the Sikeston Area Humane Society. "It's odorless and very lightweight. My 3-year-old actually helps me carry it to the cat room."

Another advantage of the product is that it can be delivered to your door instead of going to the store to purchase a 20- or 40-pound container of litter.

"Our program is that we supply enough litter for one cat, for one litter box, for one month," Limbaugh said. "It cost $15 and that is shipping included. When you sign up, then we automatically ship it to you the next month. You can cancel at any time."

Limbaugh said there is also a money-back guarantee.

"If you get online and you try it and don't like it, we'll send you your money back," he said.

Sikeston resident Mike Baker uses CatSpot and has been pleased with the result.

"The cat likes it; there's no odor and it's easy to clean up," Baker said. "We will definitely continue using it."

The company, which has a production facility just north of Sikeston, currently employs 17 and Limbaugh said they hope to employ 30 to 40 people in the future.

"We are a local company and we are going to hire local people," Limbaugh said.

"We know we are going against the grain, but we are just wanting people to try the product and let it prove to them it works," Limbaugh said.

To find out more about CatSpot or to place an order, visit their website at

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