Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Thief of staff

I would like to speakout about Donald Trump. He has filed bankruptcy three times, which makes him a thief. He's called everybody else some kind of name, but he is a thief. He is running for President of the United States. People, think. Do you want a thief in the White House? I hope not.

Finally No. 1

On April 23, in the late afternoon, I was at the ice machine behind Walgreens. A car drove up, a woman got out and said I need $3. I wasn't going to give her any money, but I asked her what it was for. She said, "I need cigarettes." I told her to quit smoking. That's when I started getting called many things. And that's when I told her to sell the wheels off her car and she'd get a lot of cigarettes. I guess it worked because when she drove off her hand went up and indicated I was No. 1. I'm finally No. 1 in somebody's eyes.

Facts first, speak second

Tell Rep. Jason Smith to check his facts before he speaks out. RS deposits all taxes and penalties and interest ...indeed companies with large payrolls make direct deposits of taxes withheld from payrolls along with penalties or interest which might apply according to the federal code. And then the Standard magnified Rep. Smith's error by emphasizing his phrase in headlines. A correction is in order.