Administration takes aim at nation's police

Saturday, June 11, 2016

In our current atmosphere of hypersensitive discussions on racial issues in this country, the false narrative of racial profiling has to take the cake.

This phony red herring is nothing more than an additional wedge to divide communities along racial lines.

Law enforcement - according to this new measurement - is branded racist if their policing actions do not exactly match the demographic makeup of their community.

Yet the obvious flaw in this warped philosophy of law enforcement is to ignore the realities that law enforcement officials live each and every day.

For all practical purposes, every community has neighborhoods that experience higher rates of crime.

In those areas of high crime concentration, it would only be logical that law enforcement officials would make more arrests.

But our current obsession with racial issues has put law enforcement statistics in the crosshairs of the Obama administration.

In Obama's world, arrests of all types should match the racial makeup of the community, ignoring the reality that officers experience on the streets and during their patrols.

If a law enforcement officer is conducting a radar site on potential speeding and ends up arresting more speeding drivers of one race over another, how is that racial profiling?

The truth is it has nothing to do with race. It has to do with a traffic violation and that officer certainly can't tell the race of the driver when that radar indicates speeding.

It's purely common sense that law enforcement should concentrate on areas of high criminal activity. And if the population of that high crime area is limited to one race, wouldn't you assume that more arrests would be made within that racial component?

Where and when did we abandon common sense?

All things in life cannot and should not be viewed through a racial lens. To do so is in itself racist.

If you play the race card over and over again, at some point the public sees through the charade. I believe we have reached that sad point in our national history.

Here's the bottom line:

All cultures have good guys and bad guys. If we adopt some arbitrary quota system that penalizes law enforcement when they exceed some phony number, all of society will pay a price.

The label of racial profiling is the true evil in this discussion.

But liberals are quick to find a straw man to promote their weak arguments because they cannot and perhaps never will accept the core of the problem.

That problematic core does not exist within law enforcement. It exists within communities and neighborhoods where violence and lawlessness are tolerated.

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