Friday, July 22, 2016

Truth is a lie, lie is the truth

Well, I see crooked Hillary got out of the email scandal. I knew that there was a reason why Mr. Bill Clinton met privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on her plane one day last week. That woman purposely and knowingly lied and deceived us the American people. She is not fit to be president of the United States. The truth has now become a lie and a lie has become the truth. Like our pastor said, she'll split hell wide open if she don't repent. She's for the murder of the unborn, gay marriage and for the rights of transgenders.

Sikeston unproud

I used to be so proud to tell people I was from Sikeston, Mo. I was proud of our town, but people are so snobby now, double-price you and rip you off when you go get something. That's wrong. They always keep the gas prices higher than anywhere else. Gas is $1.98 in New Madrid and here it's $2.03. Our mail carriers don't care where they drop mail or they lose mail. I don't know what's wrong. It's just wrong the way Sikeston is behaving. It used to be a good town, but now it's become snobby and unfriendly. People, next time you see your neighbor reach out and say hello. I got people on my street that I don't even know that don't want to talk to me. What is wrong with people these days? We are still supposed to have God in our life. Remember when you die, you can't take all that money with you and you sure can't buy your way into heaven.

Home of the brave

America, home of the brave. Yes it is. You have to be brave to go to anything, anywhere. You have snipers on overpasses, at movies, on the street, drive-by shootings. Yep, we're the home of the brave. When you get uneasy in a public place, that's not freedom. You're always looking over your shoulder to see if this person or that person looks a little sketchy. You sit in the movie and if a woman accidentally leaves her purse in the seat, you're afraid to pick it up and give it to her because it might be a bomb. What used to be called paranoia is now a way of life. No life matters if you are afraid to live it.