Caid named acting sheriff of Mississippi County

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

CHARLESTON, Mo - Former Chief Deputy Branden Caid is now the acting Mississippi County sheriff.

While criminal proceedings are underway against Mississippi County Sheriff Cory Hutcheson, Caid will serve as acting sheriff, according to Mississippi County Coroner Terry Parker.

Caid, hired by Hutcheson to serve as chief deputy in the Mississippi County Sheriff's office in January, was named acting sheriff by Mississippi County Commission.

Caid's appointment was effective Monday.

Prior to Caid's appointment, the position was held by Mississippi County Coroner Terry Parker, who was made acting sheriff by Missouri law when Hutcheson's authority to serve as a peace officer was suspended by the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

According to Parker, Caid's appointment as sheriff was made in the best interest of the county, which needed a grounded law enforcement officer with experience.

"The county commission felt their hands were tied and could not offer me monetary compensation -- and for the long-term best interest of the county, it was best to move forward and appoint an interim sheriff," Parker said.

Parker said he was glad to give stability to the sheriff's department and would be willing to do so, if needed again.

Caid said his goal is to maintain a continuing law enforcement presence in Mississippi County and to administer new policies and procedures to better serve the law enforcement needs of the county.

"I know that my appointment as sheriff has a shelf life" said Caid. "The length of my tenure is going to depend on the time it takes for Cory's situation to be resolved. After Cory's cases are disposed, one of two (things) will happen. Either Cory will resume his job as sheriff or a special election will be scheduled within 90 day."

Caid said that he would not be eligible to be a candidate for sheriff because of the one year residency requirement. Caid officially became a resident of Mississippi County last Friday.

Caid brings 23 years in law enforcement to the position. After serving in the Marines Corp, Caid returned to Sountheast Missouri, where he has worked in the sheriff offices in Scott and Mississippi counties and for Charleston Department of Public Safety. Prior to being named chief deputy in January, Caid served 10 years as a detective for the Scott County Sheriff's Department.

Caid said he looks forward to the challenge, adding, "We hope to hire some new personnel, and we have a trainer from the Missouri Sheriff's Association coming to train and certify our jailers."

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