Charleston Middle School students, families enjoy some fun and games

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

CHARLESTON, Mo. -- The "CMS Game Show" was held March 2 at Charleston Middle School for sixth through eighth grades and families.

Puzzles, trivia questions and messy games were all part of the CMS Game Show, hosted by Megan Williams. CMS students were the contestants in an all-out battle for first place.

CMS Game Show was similar to a television game show like Let's Make a Deal or Minute to Win It, complete with a host, audience, and stages. Two main playing areas included the main stage and a special obstacle course stage.

During each round, Williams invited contestants from the audience to compete in one of ten mini-games. Each game was a new challenge that tested players' endurance, critical thinking, knowledge, and speed.

Games included "Cash Grab," where students had to bring back the correct dollar amount of play money, and "Dress For Success," where each correctly worn item of play clothes earned students a point.

"Simon Says PLUS" had students doing the usual Simon Says while trying to keep as much water as possible in a cup they held. During the game "Eat It or Wear It," a food item was presented and each student had the option of eating it or "wearing it" on their head.

Some of the messy games included "Chocolate Drop," where students had to catch a chocolate syrup-covered marshmallow in their mouth, and "Pass the Egg Yolk," where students teamed up to move as much egg as possible from one container to another. The game "Punch-Out" dealt a few punishments, including three students having to do the chicken dance every time it played.

Winners from each mini-game received a "Golden Ticket," which advanced them to the final play-off round, "Splash Trivia." Each correct answer was worth 1 point, but each wrong answer got students a cup of water poured on their heads.

The grand prize of the night was 50 Blue Jay Bucks to spend in the PBS student incentive store and a prize package as well as $25 in cash from Citizens Bank. Second and third places each received similar prize packages. Each student who participated received Blue Jay Bucks.

Overall winners of CMS Game Show were: third Place, Samihya Wheeler; second Place, Ayden Johnson; and first Place, Lane Morrow.

Refreshments were provided in part by OPAA! Food Services.

The show was a product of CMS Title 1 Parent Involvement.