Election signals new direction for country

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Let's be honest, there is little anyone can say that has not been said about Tuesday's historic election results.

As somewhat of a political junkie, I have listened intently to the analysis and autopsy of the election outcome. And even today, those who predicted a much different outcome - and that was most of us - still remain virtually clueless.

State-by-state, voters came to the polls in record numbers - with the exception of black voters - and those who came to vote wanted desperately a new direction for this country.

There is simply no other explanation.

As others have said, the election outcome was less about Clinton or Trump and much more about a total national rejection of the Obama policies and direction over the past eight miserable years.

Don't misunderstand. Donald Trump may turn out to be a lousy president, lost in a federal maze that is unchanging regardless of who sits in the Oval Office.

But that's not the point.

What is crystal clear and beyond dispute is that hard-working, responsible, law-abiding, church-going Americans were fed up with the cultural shift and decline that Obama engineered intentionally to destroy the foundational fabric of America.

And when given the opportunity to end this reign of terror, Americans spoke loud and clear.

Now the task is to unwind Obama's flawed policies and return this country to international prominence and economic prosperity.

But there is a deeper change that is equally as essential.

And that change deals with the culture and the soul of America.

Americans want a return to respect for the law, to the values of personal responsibility and to close the books on the progressive policies of soaking the producers to give to the non-producers.

If that's not loud and clear, then you're simply tone deaf.

From the Supreme Court appointment(s) to the frightening details of our Mideast policies, a new administration will offer the promise of righting our ship of state after eight years of turbulent waters.

And by all means, let's not forget the mainstream media. On second thought, maybe we should completely forget the mainstream media.

If you want to label someone as a loser following Tuesday's election, put that marker squarely on the face of the networks and the urban newspapers who twisted the news and lied in our faces.

For all the talk of the new voters and the impact of social media, it was the hard-working men and women who left their jobs on Tuesday and stood in line to change this country.

Paint this election with whatever brush you want. It doesn't matter. The truth is that there still remains a silent majority, scorned by the media and ignored by the Democrats.

It was those voices you heard of Tuesday.

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