Democrats' promise of disruption will fail

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

In just over a week, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the nation's 45th president and by virtually any measure, America will take on a new direction.

I can't think of any past comparison where an incoming administration is so starkly different from the current regime.

Mixed into this polarizing shift, the Democratic party and their progressive foot soldiers have decided to adopt an interesting approach to bipartisan government.

Sen. Chuck Shumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi have vowed to oppose the will of the American public in an obsessive quest to disrupt this incoming administration.

The two top Dems have said they will not work with the Trump administration until he alters his positions and abandons his Republican colleagues.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood cabal has produced a video urging Democrats to reject any and all ideas stemming from the new president.

And our old favorite, the Rev. Al Sharpton has pledged a "season of civil disobedience" as his way of welcoming the Trump administration.

Not to be outdone, an estimated 100,000 women plan a march on the Capitol to show their disdain. Footing the bill for this massive gathering are the honchos at Planned Parenthood, Code Pink and Black Lives Matter.

This coordinated push back is apparently the Democrat's definition of a peaceful transfer of power and spirit of cooperation.

The Democrats remain in their constant state of denial with this divisive, arrogant and defiant approach to a new administration.

With a political sea change clearly on the horizon, the progressive left has completed co-opted the Democratic party and rejected the will of the American public following a surprisingly lopsided election.

But freedoms are sometimes messy and the promise of non-stop chaos is part of that sacred process, although ultimately it will fail. And the price for that failure is a further diminishment of the Democratic party.

All pretense of civil discussion never was in the cards following the Trump victory.

But it's important to understand why there is this unprecedented level of disagreement.

Because of the dismal failure and disruption of the Obama era, the Democrats have been hijacked by their far left and the Republicans have drifted to the right.

Given the broken promises of the past eight years, this seismic political shift was almost predictable.

At some point, reality will sink in and the left will begrudgingly be forced to work with a new president.

If however, the left decides to continue their vocal opposition and guerrilla warfare, they will continue to pay the price at the ballot box.

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