Much work is ahead for the Republicans

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

After a well deserved victory lap, the GOP majorities in the House and Senate need to quietly get down to the business of restoring America. And the key word is quietly.

By now we should understand that the left has not and perhaps never will fully accept the legitimacy of Donald Trump.

This lack of recognition and acceptance may prove more challenging than the true issues of importance facing this nation.

In between football this weekend, you may have noticed some upset Americans (and others) showed their disdain for the voting results by staging a series of marches.

Although the largely female theme of the protests was to target Trump, in reality these protesters were marching against the 60 million or so voters who pulled the lever for Trump.

But the GOP should not and cannot ignore the millions who protested this weekend. If organizers are to be believed, (and I take them at their word) an estimated 4.8 million protesters turned out in over 600 marches across the world.

This massive demonstration should give pause to the momentum to undo the Obama years. But pause does not mean retreat.

Regardless of the protests, it remains essential that the burdensome regulations and financial hardships imposed under the former administration must be reversed.

One seasoned analyst on a hostile television network let the cat out of the bag during the protests. The analyst said the marches were not about women but rather about liberalism.

And given the array of "causes" espoused by the protesters, it is crystal clear that liberalism in all of its many facets was indeed the prevailing theme.

But what these protesters ignore is that liberalism is the root cause of our massive debt, our reduced standing in the world and the steady erosion of our freedoms.

The way to combat liberalism is to quietly address the national concerns with pragmatic and effective solutions to restore fiscal sanity, safety and respect.

What liberals want more than anything is a shouting contest filled with emotion but lacking in facts.

Does it strike anyone as curious why we give celebrities such a large stage to opine on political issues when we all know these household names have absolutely nothing in common with most Americans?

Can they relate to the millions who live paycheck to paycheck? Are their jobs threatened by a tsunami of illegal immigrants? Do they even notice an increase in their medical insurance?

Regardless of the voices of dissent, America must move forward and that message should have been received on Nov. 8.

But there's too much at stake for the left to abandon their power and far too much at stake for the Republicans to back away from promises made.

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