President's actions send a clear message

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

So, how's he doing so far?

Judging from the constipation on the left, I'd say the newly inaugurated president is doing exactly what he said during the campaign.

President Donald Trump's highly-controversial travel ban directed at seven predominately Muslim nations, has been met with massive protests from progressives. They seem to ignore however similar bans during World War II, Vietnam and the Iranian hostage crisis.

But why let facts get into the way of a good protest?

And while we're talking about our current war with Islamic terrorists, what is the plan from the progressives on protecting this country? If that plan is simply more of the same policy under the Obama administration, then just how has that worked?

The stark and obvious reality is that the progressive left in this nation will not accept the election outcome and each and every move made by this administration will run into heavily-financed and well-orchestrated protests regardless of the subject.

Never be so naive to believe that these protests are somehow organic and spontaneous. Give me a break!

There are those on the left - both publicly and privately - raising millions upon millions of dollars to keep this division and turmoil on the national stage.

When former President Barack Obama promised his hope-and-change agenda, few if any recognized the full scope of his proposed transformation into the vision he held for this nation.

But the upheaval created by this new direction was answered on Nov. 8. And yet the left rejects that outcome in the most divisive and corrosive manner possible.

It's important to keep in mind that there are those elements in the world who are dedicated to the removal of Western values, religious freedoms and moral responsibilities.

To do nothing is national suicide.

The temporary travel ban will offer an opportunity to vastly improve our woefully lacking vetting process and help to protect the American public.

It may prove to be an utter failure but at the very least, it's an effort to help assure the American public that sincere efforts are underway at long last to secure our borders from those wishing us harm.

Though it seems a lifetime ago, this nation was united following the Twin Towers attack and hellbent on responding to the carnage imposed on American values.

President George W. Bush responded by attacking those countries who harbored and funded this terrorist movement. Those decisions sent a clear message of American resolve but in the end, they did little to stem the terrorist movement.

Under President Obama, this nation took the approach of attempting to solve this terrorist movement through conversation and negotiations. That too obviously failed.

Today we take a different approach. And it too may do little to solve the problem.

But it does send a clear signal that our nation - if not united - at least is addressing the issue that the former administration largely ignored.

As a nation we have grown to expect politicians to make and then ignore campaign promises.

No longer.

Remember the famous line from Barack Obama?

Elections have consequences.

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