Democrats must speak out against radicals

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This is where we find ourselves three months-post 2016 presidential election.

All semblance of unity has clearly been abandoned by the left in favor of continued protests and disruptions.

The United States has given way to disunity by a grievance class financed and supported by those who loath western values.

This lack of acceptance by the progressive movement is far removed from free speech. Put simply, it imperils the future of our democracy.

The left's game plan is simple:

If you don't win - impede.

If impediments don't work - destroy.

If destruction fails - mount revolution.

A Russian leader famously said many years ago, the United States would not succumb to a foreign enemy, it would implode from within.

And the left - which includes moderate Democrats too afraid to speak freely against this chaos - are trying their best to make that Russian prophesy a reality.

Here's what irks me.

There are millions of fair-minded, patriotic Democrats - many I am proud to call friends - who passively aid and abet this radical element hellbent on hijacking our ability to govern.

This silence is beyond contempt.

I am growing tired of those Democrats who hold universal conservative beliefs but who allow by their silence this openly hostile wing of radicals to wreak havoc in the streets.

Condemnation of this radical element by the right is ignored.

So that leaves the core element of the Democratic Party - including those who read this newspaper - to rise up against these fringe elements or throw their lot into this emerging progressive, socialist wing of their once-proud party.

I promise you on all things sacred, these moderate Democrats hold identical views as mine on the Obama years, Obamacare, our foreign debacles and our growing government dependency.

Yet they remain mute when our enemies from within create this rioting response to the prevailing views of most Americans.

My finger of blame is moving away from the anarchists and toward those within their party who remain as disgusted as I am with these rioters in the streets, yet their voices are silent.

Look in the mirror Democrats. Your silence helps support this growing resistance that threatens the underpinning of this great nation.

Until sane voices within the Democratic Party show their disgust at this upheaval, we're in for a long and ugly future.

Michael Jensen

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