Saturday, April 21, 2018

Just wondering

Just wondering if anyone else has complaints about the Early Headstart Center on Arthur. I have two nieces that go there, and they have them outside when itís like 50 degrees. All the kidsí noses are running and they get sick quite a bit from having a cold. Also, their clothes are getting ruined. I see them put bibs on at lunch but not breakfast, and they could at least roll their sleeves up. Clothes are expensive. I have also seen a childís face with food all over it napping at one time. They could at least clean them up first. I know the place is free and thatís great because a lot people canít afford a sitter, and they seem like they are good other than that, but people need to to speak up so they can fix this problem.

Thankful in New Madrid

I live in New Madrid, Mo., and last week there was a fire near some properties I own and I wanted to say what a good job the New Madrid Fire Department did in putting the fire out. They had good equipment, the men were well trained. Everything was just perfect. They did that job so fast, so precise and so clear they deserve a pat on the back because I know a lot of hours that went into that training and getting that equipment. New Madrid can be proud of their fire department. And I also want to say that we had occasion with some property and the police and county officers were working on the case and they did an excellent job. So New Madrid is blessed with their city and county sheriffís department, police department and the people at city hall are working to put a lot of new updates in. Like I said, they are all working professionally and it should make everybody feel safe that we have that kind of equipment and those kind of men taking care of us and keeping us safe. And they are also monitoring the levee and the rivers constantly for us. We have good people here. Thank you for a good job well done.