Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Anyone have burn barrel?

I would like to ask if there is anyone out there who has a burning barrel for sale. If you would please put your phone number in the paper so I call you. I am in need of a burning barrel. Thank you.

Take down plate number

This in regards to an article in Speakout on April 11 about police officers speeding through the new DAEOC Head Start. All you got to do people is they have license plate numbers that have different numbers on them for different officers. So just write that down and youíll know exactly who is driving by there. And also, Sikeston, if you revamping downtown and making it beautiful, please, paint that water tower. That is such an eyesore.

Fix the cemetery roads

Yes, the cemeteries have noted in the paper that they are doing a cleanup. Alright cemetery people, fix the roads. I was there yesterday, April 12, and I almost bottomed out with my car because of the holes in the roads. And donít temporarily patch them, fix them. The roads are down to the nitty gritty of nearly sand and dirt. So if you appreciate the people that have patronized you and put their loved ones there, take care of it. Take care of them. Thank you.