Friday, April 27, 2018

Hawley should be charged

Id like to speak out about Josh Hawley. He put in the paper that Cory Hutcheson committed homicide by the boy getting killed in jail before he ever had the doctors check out the boys records to see if he died from overdose on drugs with the disease he had. Hes trying to ruin the boys reputation. And what happened to the deal with the speedy trial and all this? It dont look like he knows his law because youre innocent until proven guilty and hes saying hes gonna keep Cory Hutcheson out of office. Hes sure doing his darnedest. Sounds to me like hes in with the drug lords and wanting to keep Cory from putting any more drug dealers in jail. And now hes going after Greitens. That woman, he hadnt been proven guilty and hes done wanting to get him impeached. Maybe the Democrats are paying him hard and heavy because Greitens and Hutcheson both are Republicans. And this woman jumped up so many years later and decided since hes governor that she needs to press charges against him? I think there needs to charges pressed against Josh Hawley. Hes the crooked one of the bunch. Thank you for letting me speak out.