Saturday, May 5, 2018

Channel 12 is just a mess

Yes, I would like to speak out about the Channel 12 TV. All of that commercial mess, and all of that talk show mess. I just turn my TV on to get news, weather, and preaching and all I can get is all of this talk show mess. It is nothing but a mess this talk show stuff. And I donít like this new weather lady thatís on. She just donít have it for the weather. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Professorís attitude is disgusting

There is a nutty, liberal, Democrat, anarchist, professor who is displaying such a vulgar attitude toward the death of First Lady Barbara Bush. And she wrote on her Face page sheís ďhappy the witch is dead.Ē She works as a professor at Fresno State University in California and she made the statement because she is tenured and she can say anything she wants and she will not get fired. Well, I would just ask that everybody call Fresno State University at 559-278-4240 and express your discontent with these snobbish, vulgar, just absolutely defiable and disgraceful message that this Professor Jarrar said about First Lady Barbara Bush that she was ďhappy the witch is dead.Ē How disgusting. This is what our liberal Democrats have turned into. Anybody who would vote for a Democrat is right up in this same boat with these nuts who go around the country letting our little girls go in the same bathroom as little boys and these transgender issues and wanting our government to be paying for transgenders and our military. Itís just absolute anarchy, itís total secularism. They do not believe in God and this country will be judged for this behavior. If the Democrats get back into power we are doomed. Doomed for hell.

City-owned street or not?

Yes, Iím just curious if the Steven J. Coffey Court was an actual city street or if was something put up in memory of the person or not. It is the street that runs behind Sonic and Dexter BBQ. I was just curious if that was an actual city-owned street or if it wasnít. Thank you. Have a good day.

We contacted Brian Dial, street superintendent for the City of Sikeston. He said Steven J. Coffey Court is NOT a city-owned street; it was put up as a memorial to someone.