Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Need burnin’ barrel

I am in need of a burnin’ barrel and I’d appreciate if you’d put your number in the Speakout if you have a burnin’ barrel for sale of if you know anyone who does have a burnin’ barrel for sale. I appreciate it and thank you for letting me speak out.

* * *

Burn barrel solution

This is in reference to the party who was asking for a burn barrel. They will give you a burn barrel at Mississippi County Welding, up on 105 Highway, south of Charleston. That phone number is 683-4210. Thank you. Hope you get your burn barrel.

* * *

Another burn barrel solution

Someone was looking for a burn barrel here in Sikeston. We deliver burn barrels in Sikeston for $22 each. Our number is 573-380-2100. Just call us and we’ll deliver it to your home.

No excuse

There is no excuse for the mayor of Parma’s behavior toward the citizens of this community who attend board meetings to express their opinions on matters at hand. She is dismissive, impatient and rude. Apparently, she has confused her opinion with established facts and educated reason.