Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Charter is being ridiculous

Yes, Charter bought SEMO Cable and they’ve been all over Matthews and everywhere changing out their equipment. Why in the world couldn’t they just leave SEMO’s equipment in people’s houses and change the name to Charter. It just doesn’t make any sense. They are about to drive people nuts because I don’t think the people that come to your house know what they are doing because they have to come back and come back. It’s just ridiculous. Thank you.

Thank you, Speakout

I would like to thank the Standard Democrat Speakout for letting me speak out in regards to me needing a burnin’ barrel. I want to thank you for the good response that I got. I had so many that wanted me to have a burnin’ barrel and I want to thank the people who gave me the two burnin’ barrels. They gave them to me and all the rest of them, as far as I know, wanted to sell them to me. And I wanted to thank the Standard Democrat and the Speakout line for the good response that I got. Thank you.