Saturday, June 16, 2018

Stop throwing out your butts

Hello, Americans. Hello, Southeast Missouri. Hello, Miner, Sikeston. My issue is people that smoke and drive and they throw their lit cigarettes out on the street. I know most of these new cars donít have ashtrays, but why do we have to clean up after your butts? We donít want your butts. I donít like smelling them. When you come down our streets here on Harrison in Miner I donít want to have to go out there and pick up that stuff. I donít give a darn. Keep it in your own cars. I was on Malone, going toward Sikeston. There were two of them on the phone, smoking. I guess they were driving with their knees or they were an octopus. I donít know. Anyway, if you are going to light up put it in your own tray. We donít want to smell that crap. Thank you. Have a good day.

Can someone help cancel telephone?

Iím 85 years old and trying to be able to live my older years with enjoyment and I donít think that I fit in the world very well anymore. Iím trying to save money by cancelling some things that I bought in the past. I no longer have a computer to work. In order to save some money I have a telephone Iíd like to stop using. So I telephoned the company about that on a Sikeston number and I was told in order to cancel my telephone I would have to leave the state of Missouri to get it done. They have a corporate office in Paducah, Ky., and in Dyersburg, Tenn. And I would have to drive mind you and that costs money for gasoline, drive there to cancel the telephone. They couldnít do it in Sikeston. And there is also an office in Sikeston but that office is unable to cancel the service. I donít know what to do. Is there some way some state office or some place I can telephone that could help me on this? Itís terrible if you want to cancel something that you have to make a trip out of state to pay it when they have an office in Sikeston themselves. If anyone has any information on it please respond in Speakout because I would gratefully appreciate it. Thank you.

BMU prices are too high

Yes, I would like to speak out about BMU. They prices have went up like I donít know what. Itís unbelievable. Up on the hill Iím hearing they had three trucks just turning peopleís lights off. They way you have to pay, some of these people donít get but one check a month. Every now and then they could get help from DAEOC, but Iím seeing these people have to do without. Most of them have kids up under the hill. My daughterís lights were shut off and she had six kids, two of them with asthma. And talking about her bill is $1,000. No. Ainít no way in the world a single mother can pay no utility like that. A $1,000 a month. One guy she talked to said his bill was higher than that. Someone should speak on this more than I am. Cause this stuff is getting out of hand.