Speakout (7/15/18)

Friday, July 13, 2018

They are illegal immigrants

Yes, Mike, Iíd just like to say about all this stuff Mexicans down here in the border crossing, breaking our laws. Iíd like to say about the United States citizens that maybe broke the law and gets put in jail say for 30 days, 60 days, we are taking their kids from them. Oh, I forgot, they ainít Mexicans. They ainít illegal immigrants. It seems like illegal immigrants have more rights than citizens. Ainít saying that everybody in jail should have their kids but hey, we take kids from them and they breaking the law so whatís the difference in taking them from the Mexicans thatís crossing the border breaking the law. And Iíd like to say this to the Democrats. I am a Republican and proud of it. Iíve got a niece that lives in Detroit, Michigan, right now, Flint, Michigan. Whereís all the Democrats saying ďFix the pipes?Ē The pipes still arenít fixed and the water still has lead in it. Do you hear anything about that? No, because you wanna know why? Because they are poor black and poor white. Eighty percent is black. Whereís the Democrats in Flint and Detroit, Michigan? Iíd like to know. Itís true and you know itís true Mike. Put it in Speakout. Iím tired of hearing about illegal immigrants that come over free housing, free SSI, free social security that me and you pay taxes for. They get it free. And Iím sick of it. And Iím a poor white man that works for just $9 an hour but I work my butt off for my money and I pay my taxes so I have the right to gripe. Whereís the Democrats up there in Flint, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois? The black kids. I have two sisters that live in Melrose Park, thatís a little nicer area but you go about two miles and thatís where you see black people killing black people. Whereís the Democrats at helping those kids? Nowhere. Because the Democrats want the Mexicans vote that are illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrant. Thatís what they are. Not a United States citizen and taxpayer. Illegal immigrant. Thank you.

Vote yes on Prop A

I guess everyone has seen the ďVote No on Prop AĒ signs all about. And if you will notice, most of those are in the yards of union workers. I would encourage everyone to vote yes on Prop A because the union workers are advocating for their high wages of anywhere to $50 to $70 prevailing wage per hour. Here in the real world, in Missouri, most laborers and employers and employees donít earn those type of wages the union is demanding. So I just would encourage people to look at the real issue here. The real issue is the union wages, prevailing wages that they demand that are exorbitant fees and in the real world Missouri workers donít make near that much. Vote yes on Proposition A.