Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Should infant be at nail salon?

I have a concern. I was in a nail parlor this last week getting a pedicure and a young lady was in there getting a manicure, the one where a gel product is used. She had an infant in a car seat in the floor beside her while this was being done and she was in there for a rather long time and the manicurist had a mask on and the infant was in there the whole time and the smell of the product they use is to me very strong. Iím wondering if that infant should be allowed where that product is used or is it allowable? It is just me voicing my concern. Maybe Iím just an old fuddy duddy but I would like to hear comments in regards to that. Thank you. Goodbye.

Saying no to Claire McCaskill

Well I see no Democrats voted for the immigration bill which would build a wall and keep all of the Guatemalans and Hondurans out of our country. That means that Claire McCaskill did not vote for this bill. If Claire McCaskill is for open borders to allow millions and millions of illegal aliens to come into this country at taxpayer expense, my taxes are high enough already. I donít want to pay more housing, food, medical, dental insurance, Obamacare that these illegal immigrants are going to come in and take from my kids. No. Claire McCaskill said no and I say no to Claire McCaskill.

Someone needs to help nursing homes

This is for all the nursing homes that are cutting the employees hours. The patients are not getting the care because there arenít enough employees. Someone needs to help the nursing homes do better because there is just no care for them.