Friday, July 20, 2018

Problems with food stamp application

Iíve been trying my best when I fill out my food stamp application. I have a five-day interview. Iíve been calling and calling and calling, day and night, day and night, and they keep saying after asking a question, ďwhy donít you call again tomorrow?Ē or the next day. Iíve called and called and called. I even went up to the food stamp company to find out whatís going on. I finally got one lady to call me back and she said she remembered by family and she would call back at 2:30. I waited until about 5:30 for her to call. Iíd like to know whatís going on.

More to the contest?

I noticed that over in Paducah, Ky., nearly every year there is a St. Judeís House Contest for $100 entry fee. There has to more to the story then just being able to get a house for $100. What is the responsibility of the person who wins it? Thank you.

The entry fee is for a raffle with the lucky winner claiming the house.