Saturday, July 21, 2018

Politicians should stay out of medicine

I agree that politicians should keep their big mouths shut when it comes to the practice of medicine. Iíve been on pain medication for the past 15 years. The medicine has allowed me to keep my career, attend church and have a normal life. Iíve followed all the doctorís rules regarding the taking of the medication and never had a problem until the doctor informs me due to the politicians the medication could no longer be prescribed. Who knows more about the practice of medicine, doctors or politicians?

Limb needs cut

We need a limb cut off the tree on East Gladys. It covers the sidewalk. You have to walk in the street to get by. It is a public sidewalk. Will you please do something with it before somebody gets hurt? Thank you.

While we appreciate the call, you should probably contact the city at 471-2512 and tell them about the limb.

Turn the music down or lose business

There is a restaurant here in town that has very good breakfast and they are very busy but they are losing some of their customers because they are playing their music extremely too loud. Please lower your music. Thank you very much.

Anyone give golf lessons?

Is there anyone in the Sikeston area who gives golf lessons? Thank you.

Contact Kevin Collins with Foxhaven Country Club at 481-2177.

Flag is upside down

It appears to be the flag on the front of the Sunday, July 1 paper is misrepresented. Shouldnít the union be at top of the picture, not the lower part of the picture? Please correct me if Iím wrong. Thanks.

* * *

Front page of your Sunday edition, July 1, 2018, it showed a picture of your July Calendar Girl. She is a very pretty young lady, but she should know that the field of stars on our American flag should always be at the top left, not at the bottom. This old Veteran flies his flag all the time and am proud of it. Thank you and God bless America.

* * *

Iím calling about the picture of the Calendar Girl. She is a very beautiful girl but the person who took the picture needs to realize that the flag is upside down. You donít have the stars at the bottom. Thank you.

The Standard Democrat is aware of the error. It was an innocent mistake and we apologize.