Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Abortions should mean prison

Yes, Iíd like to say that women that have abortions, unless it is for their health and doctorís who perform abortions, should be arrested and put in prison for murder. They are killing a live person and I donít guess they have sense enough to know that if women donít want to get pregnant and have babies they oughta keep their clothes on and behave their self. Itís just ridiculous. The only reason for an abortion is if it means your health. That is just crazy. One of these days those people are going to meet God. Alrighty. Thank you.

Reward out for wallet thief

This is to the person who picked up my wallet off the Quick Chek parking lot and stole $600 out of it and threw my empty wallet on Broadway Street. There is a $100 reward out for you. If you are arrested and convicted. There has already been a police report filed. So watch it.

Gag on it,farmers

Hello, Southeast Missouri. Hello, America. Ah itís July 5th. We got through the Fourth, itís the fifth. And we got a big stink smoke in the air. It might be New Madrid County, Mississippi County or Scott County, itís right there in the southeast corner down there. At a 113 degree heat index we have a hard time breathing outside without all the irritating smoke from farmers trying to burn their wheat fields and everything. I know they can care less what I say so thatís why Iím calling in because I can care less what they think. Because that smoke and when it is so dry with this air, it blows across the interstate and it goes into neighborhoods. I know the local authorities could care less, the county commissioners and all that, as long as it donít bother them they can care less about the rest of us. But I just want to let the farmers know out there burnin their fields I hope you gag on it. Have a great day.

Democrats want to rid world of Americans

You know I didnít leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me. There is no longer a Democrat Party. It has been taken over by radical, left-wing, anarchist, socialists and their mantra now to abolish ICE and to have open borders. They are not only trying to destroy America. What they are trying to do is to remove any trace of Americanism from this country. They donít want there to be Americans in the world. They do not want that. They want everybody from every country in the world to just walk over our border and change the total face of America. If they get their wishes there will no longer be a person called an American in this country.