Saturday, July 28, 2018

School plans include safe room

I just noticed the groundbreaking story for the new elementary school. I am curious as to whether there was a safe room as part of this architectural design for this school that is now being built right in tornado alley. Hopefully there is. If not it might be something to consider before you are finished. Thank you.

We contacted Sikeston R-6 Superintendent Tom Williams, who said the new school will have a safe room. “Although the district applied for but did not receive State Emergency Management Agency money for a safe room, the district has taken the steps to build the cafeteria in new Wing Elementary up to safe room standards,” Williams said.

Forget Walmart and Channel 12

I want to speak out that Walmart store. I put in five calls over there to find out about a certain item that I needed and I never did get to find out if they had this item. I just got tired of holding. They put me on music. I told them I’m on long distance. And that little gentleman that sits up there and says that they appreciate your business at that Walmart store, well if they did appreciate your business, they’d do different. They’d try to help you when you call. Then I turn around and call Lowe’s and they were just as nice as they could be. They transferred me right to the department that I wanted. The gentleman in there explained to me about the items that I was wanting. And now I got just what I wanted at the Lowe’s store. So if you need something, call the Lowe’s. They’ll transfer you to the department that your needing something out of. That Walmart, they run me up a big bill. I got tired of waiting on that music and hang up and wait a while and call back again. And thank you for letting me speak out. And I would like to speak out about this channel 12 on the television. It’s just gone to the.. I don’t know what you call it. It’s just not fit to watch anymore. It’s not interesting to watch it anymore. I don’t have a channel 12 anymore on my TV because I turn it off. I don’t watch that nasty, stupid mess on there. That general manager will come on there and say “we want to make a better heartland,” well if he does he needs to clean up his channel 12. And thank you for letting me speak out.

Too many tattoos and sticks in noses

Hello America, hello Southeast Missouri. Well my topic today is when a person is either widowed, divorced or what-have-you, and you go out there and meet a good lady or person, mammal, either way, and they’ve got bones sticking out of their noses and tattoos all over their body and they’ve got their pants down to the ground. Right there I’ve struck out already three times. That’s why a lot of us stay in what they call a man cave, female cave, whatever, because it’s disgusting. I’m glad I’m out of the business to hire people because I don’t guess I’d hire people who come in with all that mess on them. Anyway, clean your act up, but that ain’t gonna happen because they can’t read. So anyway, take care America. I don’t know what we’ve got left but we’ll do the best we can with it. Have a great day.