Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Question about location of Lowe’s

Overheard a conversation in Lowe’s this morning about the fire. Two guys were talking and somebody said that fireworks were illegal in the city limits of Sikeston and if they ever found out who did that, shot them up on the roof of Lowe’s and started the fire, would be in some deep doo doo. I didn’t think nothing about it until a little while ago, but is Lowe’s in New Madrid County or is it in the City of Sikeston?

Lowe’s is both in the City of Sikeston and in New Madrid County.

Put the sign back

Coming out of McDonald’s and Wal-Mart parking lot is terrible. There use to be a No Left Turn sign there and for some reason the city took it down. With traffic coming the main intersection and from the other exit of Wal-Mart and idiots trying to make a left turn there just holds traffic back. I would like to see the idiot that made the decision to take the sign down get behind other idiots trying to make that left turn. Put the sign back up.

How low can you go?

We went to a benefit a while back at Vanduser for a lady needing a kidney transplant. We heard that the girl that was going to donate a kidney, backed out on giving a kidney, but kept the donated money. If this is true, it’s really a shame that someone would basically steal from a community that was trying to help. Hopefully this is not true but if it’s is, this is about as low as you can get.

Keep crime out of sports section

I’m calling about the article “Man pleads guilty to cheating NFL players in charity funds.” This article was placed in the sports section. I think it should have been placed in with the other criminal acts reports, not in the sports section. This type of behavior should be known to all citizens. Everybody don’t read the sports section. So please place crime with other crime, even when it does involve an NFL players or other sports figures. Thank you.

Where do people get their information?

This is to the Speakout person who says union workers advocate $50 to $75 per hour. Where do they get this? I’m union and this is not true. People get your facts straight. Also, Right to Work states account for 8 of 10 worst states an all five of the worst states, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi with Kentucky being number 6 in poverty. The majority of Right to Work states are not only in the bottom half of the country but in the bottom 20 of 50 states. Thank you.

Tired of Dicamba killing tomato plants

Mike, I’m getting really tired of this Dicamba drifting through town and killing my tomato plants. I think next year I will have to hold off planting my tomatoes until after the June 10 cut-off date. Thank you.