4 vie for presiding commissioner spot in Stoddard County

Monday, August 6, 2018

BLOOMFIELD, Mo. — Four individuals are vying for the Stoddard County presiding commissioner’s office in Tuesday’s election following the announcement that long time officer holder Greg Mathis would not be seeking re-election.

They are, listed in ballot order, Danny Talkington, Brock Williams, Sam Huey Jr. and Jeff Riddle.

Danny Talkington

Previous associate commissioner Danny Talkington cited his experience and accounting background as to why he threw his hat in the ring to be elected as the next presiding commissioner of Stoddard County.

“Having been associate commissioner District 1 for four years (2013-2016), I understand the workings of county government,” Talkington said. “I can bring my accounting background and good management skills to the county so to make sure we manage the funds that are available from the tax payer’s dollars.”

If elected, a goal of Talkington’s would be to work to see improvements to the living conditions in the county.

“I think Stoddard County is a great place to live and of all the places I have lived and worked, I moved back here,” he said. “I think it’s great, but we can do things to improve our county’s living conditions.”

Brock Williams

Always having an interest in politics and looking for a position that would fit what he had to offer is how Brock Williams came to decision to run for Stoddard County presiding commissioner.

“The presiding commissioner is basically running the business of Stoddard County,” he said. “I have a business background so I think that’s a really good fit for what I have to offer.”

If elected, Williams said his goal is to be as transparent as possible to the citizens of the county as to what’s going on with their tax dollars.

He added he will be just as transparent with how the funds are being used and what’s happening.

“The commission has a lot of effect on what’s going on with things in the county,” Williams said. “I want people to be involved with what’s happening with the tax dollars in our county.”

Sam Huey Jr.

Being community service minded and active on many boards, Sam Huey Jr. said he always thought about running for presiding commissioner. Since Mathis announced he would not be running for re-election, Huey decided now was the time.

He cited his work with a group of people after the county fair folded in the mid 80s and organized what is offered now, the growth of the ambulance board, knowledge of federal and state rules and problem solving as benefits he could bring to the office.

“A goal of mine is to be able to employ more deputies at the sheriff’s department,” Huey said. “That is a serious problem. It could get to the point unless it’s a murder or strong armed robbery, it might take three or four days for someone to come out.”

Jeff Riddle

After the announcement Mathis would not be seeking re-election, Jeff Riddle decided it was his time to step up and run for the office.

“I thought maybe it was time to get a younger generation in there to try to get the county moving forward,” Riddle said.

Several goals are on Riddle’s list if elected to the office of presiding commissioner.

One of those goals includes working to get the county’s technology updated for efficiency.

With no county webpage, Riddle said he would like to get Stoddard County online.

“Citizens could utilize the webpage to answer questions rather than going to Bloomfield or calling,” he said.

Other goals, he said, would be to ensure all county governments work together and smoothly, achieve pay increases for the sheriff’s department to retain employees, recruit more industry in the county, involvement and save the county as much money as possible.

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