Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Tired of being chased by dogs

What has happened to common decency? You can no longer walk or ride a bike down the street without being chased by peopleís dogs, that they have let out to do their ďbusiness ď on other peopleís lawns. And when confronted the tell you to ride somewhere else so as not to bother them or their dog, in the neighborhood in which I live. Broadway, Kentucky,Illinois and Oklahoma streets, I have called animal control and the police. Iíve even filed a formal complaint and still they continue to let their dog run free, what more can be done?

Trump turned his back on America

What a miserable thing Donald Trump has done to this country. Heís turned his back on us to save his rear. He should be ashamed of himself.

Trump isnít as smart as we thought

So President Trump isnít as smart as we thought he was. So what? Thatís ok.