Dolan re-elected as 33rd Judicial Circuit judge

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

BENTON, Mo. — David A. Dolan will continue as the judge of the 33rd Judicial Circuit.

In a vote total of 3,184 to 1,520, Dolan defeated his Democratic challenger, Rebecca A. Reed.

“I would just like to thank everyone for coming out and voting,” Dolan said after votes had been tabulated.

Dolan received 2,815 Scott County votes and 369 Mississippi County votes while Reed garnered 1,312 votes from Scott County and 208 votes from Mississippi County.

"I am humbled by the continued support of the citizens of Scott and Mississippi Counties," Dolan said. "They have entrusted me to lead the 33rd Circuit over the years, and I will continue to honor that trust with my best efforts."

There were no Republican candidates for the 33rd Circuit judge, and an election is not needed in November.

Nearly 31 percent, or 7,772 of Scott County’s 25,286 registered voters cast ballots during Tuesday’s Primary Election which established the races for the Nov. 6 general election.

In the race for the presiding commissioner to represent the Democratic party, incumbent Jamie Burger defeated Chelsea Hale with 3,083 votes to 907 votes.

On the Republican ticket, voters chose Jim Glueck to represent their party in the the presiding commissioner race in November. Glueck, who netted 1,811 votes, defeated John Graham, 883 votes, and Will Yates, 336 votes.

Burger and Glueck will vie for the position in the November election.

In the race for Oran precinct committeeman, those who cast Republican ballots chose Gary Senciboy, 127 votes, over Paul M. Crader, 101 votes. For Oran precinct committeewoman, they chose Kerri Senciboy, 125 votes, over Cindy Seyer, 99 votes.

Running unopposed for county offices on the Democratic ticket were: Rita Milam, county clerk, who received 3,499 votes; Christy M. Hency, circuit court clerk, 3,376; Tara L. Mason, recorder of deeds, 3,306; Glenda K. Enderle, county treasurer, 3,234; Paul R. Boyd, prosecuting attorney, 3,184; and Mark Hensley, collector of revenue, 3,497.

Scott T. Horman, incumbent associate circuit judge of Division 5, was also unopposed in his bid to represent the Democratic Party in November. He received 3,401 votes.

Running unopposed on the Republican ballot were: Joe Bill Davis for county treasurer, who received 2,751 votes; and Amanda Oesch for prosecuting attorney, 2,788 votes.

In Republican circuit judge races, running unopposed were incumbent Blake Pearson for Division 4, and he received 2,808 votes; and Zac Horack for circuit judge Division 5. Horack garnered 2,701 votes.

Local, contested races in the Nov. 6 election will be: county treasurer incumbent Enderle versus Davis; prosecuting attorney incumbent Boyd versus Oesch; and associate circuit judge of Division 5 incumbent Horman versus Horack.


Following the state trend, the majority of Scott County voters opposed Proposition A, or Right to Work measure, with a vote of 4,528 “no” and 3,171 “yes.”

In the Republican race for the U.S. Senate GOP nominee, Scott County voters opted for Josh Hawley, 2,101 votes, over Tony Monetti, 176 votes; Austin Petersen, 233 votes; Fred Ryman, 45 votes; Christina Smith, 175 votes; Kristi Nichols, 250 votes; Bradley Krembs, 13 votes; Ken Patterson, 64 votes; Brian G. Hagg, 15 votes; Courtland Sykes, 62 votes; and Peter Pfeifer, 105 votes.

GOP candidate in the state auditor race received the following votes: Saundra McDowell, 1,110 votes; Kevin M. Roach, 807 votes; David Wasinger, 518 votes; and Paul Curtman, 414 votes.

Running unopposed on the Republican ticket were: Jason Smith, U.S. Representative, District 8, who netted 3,065 votes; Holly Rehder, state representative District 148, who had 2,240 votes; Done Rone, state representative District 149, who received 222 votes; and Herman Morse, state representative District 151, who garnered 464 votes.

In the Democratic race for the U.S. Senate, Scott County voters preferred U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, 2,105 votes, over her opponents: Carla (Coffee) Wright, 534 votes; Angelica Earl, 103 votes; Leonard Joseph Steinman II, 95 votes; John Hogan, 400 votes; Travis Gonzalez, 98 votes; and David Faust, 366 votes.

Running unopposed were Nicole Galloway for state auditor, 2,968 votes; Kathy Ellis, U.S. Representative District 8, with 2,948 votes; Bill Burlison, state representative District 149 who had 324 votes; and J.T. (Jerry) Howard, state representative District 151, with 492 votes.

Running unopposed in their bids to represent the Libertarian Party were Japheth Campbell, U.S. senator, 12 votes; Sean O’Toole, state auditor, 11 votes; Jonathan L. Shell, U.S. representative District 8, with 12 votes; and Rick Vandeven, state representative District 151, with 5 votes.

In the race to represent the Green Party in November, these candidates received the following Scott County votes: Jo Crain, 2 votes; and Jerome Bauer, 0 votes, for the U.S. Senate race, Running unopposed on the ticket were Don Fitz, 2 votes, for state auditor; and Jacob Luetkemeyer, 4 votes.

Scott County Clerk Rita Milam, who provided the unofficial results, said Tuesday’s election went smooth. She noted she appreciated all the election judges and voters who cast ballots.

Milam reminded voters to make sure her office has their correct addresses for the November general election.

If a voter’s address has changed, Milam said to contact her office on the main level of the Scott County Courthouse in Benton and provide the correct information.

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