Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Donít let communists speak for you

The Missouri conservative Democrats really should not let socialist, communist from New York Bronx come and rally and speak for you. What is happening to your party? If you really believe in communism and it works then look at Venezuela. Wake up conservative Democrats. Take your party back.

Thanks for the perfect letter

Thank you for Jim Eftink for a perfect letter in the newspaper. You are exactly right.

Thank you for the breakfast

I would like to thank the gentleman who last week bought my breakfast at the Jayís carry out window. What a nice thing to do. How thoughtful. It made my day. Thank you very much.

Capitalist destroyers killing bugs now

I have one lightning bug in my yard. One. You think it will have any luck. You capitalist destroyers of the earth.

Time to get a new plan

Yes, this is in regard to the Speakout post on Sunday, July 29 about paying for long distance calls. When did that start, stop? Why are you having to pay for long distance calls? Maybe you need a better plan instead of griping about it. Thank you.