Saturday, August 18, 2018

Channel 12 is just nasty

I would like to speak out in regards to forget Channel 12 and Walmarts. I’ve done practically forgot Channel 12. I got tired of looking at all this nasty stuff that comes on Channel 12 regarding the ones that come on there half dressed and get in the bed with each other. That’s a nasty mess. You never know if they’re going to come in there with clothes on or clothes off. It is ridiculous on how that Channel 12 got. I don’t know how it is now because I don’t turn it on anymore. It just got too nasty to look at. I thank you so much for letting me speak out.

No Hep A outbreak

Hep A outbreak at Scott county jail? Inmates says yes. Jailers deny. Who’s telling the truth? My guess is the staff. Or do all jails just automatically hand out Hep series injections. Last time I checked they were expensive.

We contacted the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, and Capt. Dane Stausing, assistant Special Emergency Response Team commander, said: “The Scott County Sheriff’s Office did have one confirmed case of the Hepatitis A virus in the jail. That subject is no longer incarcerated and was released after the subject received medical attention. All of the other inmates and employees were given the option for a free vaccine by the Scott County Health Department.”


Please take care of your dogs

There is a home on Marian street that I drive by everyday on my way home from work. They have two dogs. One chained up on the carport and one chained up in the back. I never see anyone playing with them or walking them. Their chains are short so they can’t go far. I’ve heard the one out front crying often. What’s really sad is they have a fenced in back yard where these dogs could run and play together. It is so cruel for people to have animals they don’t care about. How would you like to be chained up for years, day after day and no one cared. I have cried feeling sorry for these animals.