Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Not a fan of tax breaks

So I see where Trump and his rich buddies want another tax break. I guess the first one wasnít enough for them. This time they think they are gonna fast track it and get it by Congress. I say we fast track him right out of office. Itís time to dump Trump.

Sign was useless anyway

This is in regards to the people that put in there that they took the left hand turn sign down at McDonalds. They took it down because even when it was up everybody made left hand turns and nobody even paid any attention to the sign being there. So what good was it there in the first place? People canít read.

Trump has ruined our country

Donald Trump is attacking our allies and embracing our enemies. Heís dismantling our country, our reputation, our environment and our democracy. The cowardly Republicans are following him over the cliff to retain their jobs. Is that what we voted for? Hopefully the people we voted into office will develop backbones before itís too late. Our country needs patriots to remember the oaths they took taking office to defend the constitution. Wake up folks and see this president for what he is Ė a man who puts himself first and feels no empathy whatsoever for anyone else. Because of President Trump, his actions and his words, we are no longer the shining city on the hill that Ronald Reagan often spoke of. How sad for all of us.

Still confused by answering services

I donít know why when you call somebody, and I donít care what you call about, you always get a recording from some idiot that doesnít know what they are doing. I donít understand that. Why do they have people working in offices and stuff if they canít answer the phone or if they do answer the phone they donít know anything. I donít understand that. Itís crazy. Alright. Talk to you later. Bye.

Too many cars speeding down Ables

Three-fourths of the people who go down Ables Road do not have a clue what the speed limit is, especially when they are coming from the east. They see no signs and the people going east ignore the signs except when there is a police man sitting on the road somewhere. Thank you.