Saturday, August 25, 2018

Needing help finding cell phone

I went to Walmart this morning, Aug. 4, and I checked out at 10:46. I took my groceries out to my car and I had one of their new carts where you have a water holder and a cell phone holder. I put my groceries into my car and everything else and I accidentally dropped my cell phone somewhere. I went back to Walmart to see if anybody had turned it in and nobody had yet, so if anybody finds an Android cell phone, a black one, please put it in Speakout, because I really need my cell phone back. And I thank you so much but I really need it. I was parked in the handicap parking place also. So it was somewhere around there at the front of the store. Thank you so much. God bless.

Magnitude 7 does workers injustice

Magnitude 7 did the former workers of the plant formerly known as Noranda an injustice. Numerous employees went to Jefferson City and lobbied for the whole plant to reopen. The bill passed for the new steel mill bill and the place was reopened as Magnitude 7. Numerous employees who went and lobbied was the same employees who are stopped from getting jobs. Magnitude 7 was given the opportunity by only one man when no one else wanted to open the place but to scrap it and sell its metal and the building as parts. That man bought the place and reopened the place called Magnitude 7, formerly known as Noranda. No one else gave that place a chance to reopen and bring jobs to the area. The man that bought the place did. Magnitude 7, its management, has taken its second chance and taken away the second chance of former worker who want the opportunity to get their jobs back. I think its a travesty what they have done. I wish the place nothing but the best but its a tragedy what they are doing with their former workers. The only thing they wanted was a chance to prove themselves. Instead, they put in place a hiring freeze of all those who formerly worked at the plant that is now Magnitude 7. Magnitude 7 that is open by the former people was closed, not because of the workers, but because they got in business dealings with a company that was known for shutting companies down. The place was never closed because of former employees. I think itís a shame that Magnitude 7 got their second chance to prove themselves as workers, as supervisors, as HR managers. At the same time they took away opportunities of former workers, with experience, the chance to prove themselves and be an asset to the company. May God bless them and hopefully they have success in the future, but you canít have true success when you mistreat your workers and former workers.

Magnitude 7 Metals is not the same company as Noranda.