Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Union bosses have full pockets again

Well since the state of Missouri voted no on Prop A that means that Missouri is no longer a right-to-work state. What that more importantly means is that the big union bosses have their pockets full of our money again. So that was what this was. A big Democrat push to get those union jobs back up to those prevailing wages of $80, $90, $100 an hour and to fill those union bosses pockets up. So, we did a wonderful job of not supporting not stance to keep Prop A. As Republicans, we should be ashamed of ourselves for not working harder and for letting these big money, big union bosses with these prevailing wages of nearly $100 an hour for their employees pass. It hurts our people. It hurts the people who work for normal wages, the people who work for a living, the people who just want to go and find a job and not have to pay these stupid union fees. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Stealing is despicable

The most despicable, low-life thing a person can do is steal from another person. Especially stealing another personís passion, such as a music loverís guitar. Yes, Iím missing an expensive Washburn and a sentimental Veene, value zero, both acoustics. OK, they sold them for a little bit at the second fees place, which is probably a pawn shop and here is my argument and here is my plea for help. The pawn shops canít tell me whether there is a guitar in pawn by a certain person that has claimed to have pawned it? They canít save me a trip of going to the police station. Iím like an hour away from Sikeston, so Iím supposed to drive back to Sikeston, chase down the thief, go file a complaint and describe my property and have the police do it? Why canít we save all that trouble and have me buy my stuff back out of the pawn? In any event, maybe somebody will find a nice guitar out there somewhere, get a good deal on it and purchase it inexpensively. If you donít want to play I donít want my calluses going soft on me cause they hurt so bad getting your fingers to that state. So if you come across a nice, reasonable guitar on the street out there somewhere and you donít want it for yourself to cherish and play then please let me know about it so I can replace my instrument. Thank you for letting me speak out. I feel a lot better. Thanks. Donna K.

Support local, talented musicians

Hello, this is Donna K. I called this morning all upset over my stolen guitars, crying and belly aching. I donít know if something amazing happened. I was like, nothing can replace my sons, who make me feel proud, and my daughters, two of them, in college and make me feel proud. Musicians that I work with and know, the Danetta Mason Band and ďRain,Ē send all this energy to radio stations and Iím calling the newspaper now to strike my crying about the pawn shops and stolen guitars and say, hey, letís listen to ďRainĒ by the Danetta Mason Band. Be proud of our local, talented musicians that come up with amazing, creative things like ďRainĒ and Don Culbertson with the Sikeston Democrat. Iím proud of him too. Yíall have a good day and thanks for hearing me out.