Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Thank God for Trump

I donít know who wrote in badmouthing about President Trump but apparently they arenít watching the news seeing all the corruption the Democrats are involved in. The Democrat Party is nothing but a bunch of corrupt people. And thank God that we donít have to listen to Hillary Clinton. And thank God our little girls donít have to worry about some transexual male who thinks heís a girl that day come in while my little daughter is in the bathroom. Thank God for President Trump.

Vote Republican, hate Hillary

Every time I look into the eyes of one of my beautiful little grandchildren I see that they are truly a gift from God and sent from heaven. And I just praise God that Hillary is not our president. Please vote Republican. Abortion is murder.

Brennan is a communist, Google says

I see on the news, the ďfake news,Ē which includes ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Compost and the New York Slimes, have all just said what Trump is doing by revoking the security clearance of John Brennan is just a horrendous act of betrayal and treason. The same leftist fake news that gets spread across this country daily. What I would like people to know is that John Brennan is a communist who voted for a communist for president in a past election. If you donít believe me, just Google it. John Brennan voted for a communist and is a communist. He claims to be a communist. I think Trump did a wonderful thing by taking the security clearance from the communist by the name of John Brennan, former CIA director appointed by socialist Barack Obama.

Ha, Ha, Amendment A passed

Hello Missouri. Hello Southeast Missouri. Hello Miner, Missouri. Well the primaries are over. And all the ones that said Amendment A will not pass. But it did. Iím just tickled to death because there were a couple people put in the paper that said ďonly the oneís that are for this is the union people that have in their yards.Ē At 67 percent of the state, there must be good, growing part of ones thatís not. So, you guys that didnít vote for it, you can stay at minimum wage. Or if you own a business, you can rip off your employees with no benefits and keep them at a dime or two over minimum wage. So go ahead. You lost. God bless America.