Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Stop the bus

Hello Southeast Missouri. Hello Miner, Sikeston. My issue right now is we got school starting up and everything and we got the school bus drivers. We must have a lot of new ones because they donít know how to stop at stop signs here at Ross and Harrison Street here in Miner. Iíve ordered me a couple orange vests and Iíve got my camera. And I will monitor to take care of our kids, even know theyíre not mine. You better take care of your drivers. And skill them, speed limit and stop signs have a meaning to it. We have a meaning to our kids to grow up and be something. So deal with it. Thank you. God bless America.

Report drug overdose numbers monthly

Is there any way you could publish a monthly list of the number of people dying of drug overdoses in this area? For example, I imagine the Scott County Health Department would have a list of how many people are dying of a drug overdose on a monthly basis. Why couldnít you publish this list on a monthly basis for Scott County, Mississippi County, some of the other surrounding counties? Thank you.

Liberals and socialists are scary

The Russians donít scare me half as bad as the liberals and socialists in this country.

Is KFVS lying, too?

Mike Jensen, I think you would say KFVS was lying too because they tell you the same thing that is said on CNN. I guess KFVS lies all the time too. The problem is with Trump, you catch him in lies every day. Youíve got to record it on tape so he canít claim he didnít say it. Basically what Trump is saying is ďwho do you want to believe, me or your lying ears?Ē

Where are movie listings?

Have I just missed it or have you not published a movie guide from Malco Theatres anymore? Thank you.

We still run an ad for Malco Theatres, but their advertisement no longer lists movie times.

Cranky without their comics

I just have a question for you. Do you really think Iím paying for a subscription to your newspaper to get last weekís comic section delivered in this weekís Sunday paper? Címon. Are you a real newspaper? What is going on here? And todayís editorial is absurd.