Speakout (9/14/18)

Friday, September 14, 2018

Men shouldnít have to pay alimony

I just want to say that I donít think men should have to pay alimony to sorry wives who sit around on the couch, didnít work, didnít clean, didnít cook, didnít take care of the kids or anything. Why should the men have to take care of them when they get divorced? Let them get out and get a job if they are able. Really, sometimes, they shouldnít have to pay child support. They should be able to take the kids to the store or whatever, spend the amount of money on them they are supposed to pay, keep the receipts. Because most of the time the kids donít see the money anyway because mama spent it whenever mama wants to. The law just ainít right on that kind of stuff. A woman donít get out and work and help the husband and build up her own stuff if she is able, a husband shouldnít have to keep her up after they get divorced. Thank you.

Good work Jaycees

I want to commend the Jaycees for an outstanding rodeo again. I went on Saturday night and had to park in the north back forty behind the campers, etc. Of course, it was daylight when I parked but was concerned about it being dark and unsafe when walking back to my car at the end of the night. I was pleasantly surprised that there was a generator with very bright overhead lights making it very safe. Good planning and good work, Jaycees.